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Our TAS Ed. HVAC Training Program is Here

We call our new Training Program “TAS Ed. HVAC Training” because helping technicians improve their HVAC knowledge and skills is our focus. Now that we have added Alan Velleman to be our primary phone & field support specialist, Randal can expand our catalog of training classes.

This Fall, along with our regular offering of Fall seminars, we have rolled out a series of FREE Goodman / Amana equipment specific installation & Start-up and Service & Troubleshooting classes to provide contractors and their technicians the information they need to be more knowledgeable and efficient at “Installing and Servicing” Goodman, Amana and Daikin Equipment and right after the New Year we will be offering certified Daikin mini/multi split classes in our Derry location with our live Daikin Units.

While these classes are geared for Goodman/Amana equipment and some information is specific to our equipment, a lot of the information and testing applies to most residential furnaces. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to get some good training for a great price, FREE! 

Most classes in our catalog can be done at our facility or yours except the Daikin Certified Install & Service Classes and the Amana S Series Installation & Service Classes. If you would like to have Goodman/Amana equipment Installation & Start-up or Service & Troubleshooting classes or some of our other training classes at your companies facility or in our Nashua or Derry classrooms, please call Randal at 1-603-845-1710.



We have a Daikin Mini/Multi Split Installation Class on 1-29 & 30, 2024 from 5 to 9 pm in our Derry, NH Classroom. See flyer for Details.

Email Club: Don’t forget to tell all your technicians about Randal’s Tech to Tech Column and the email club with industry updates, first chance to sign up for free NATE beta testing when available, and our class schedules. To join simply send your name in the body and “sign me up” in the subject line to or fill out the form below.

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TAS Winter 2024 NH Gasfitter Continuing Education Seminar Schedule & Registration Form

Daikin City Account Registration

Click Here for Step-by-step instructions to Register for Daikin  Account

Read more for Step-by-Step instructions on how to find R-32 video on Daikin City

Flyer for Daikin Audit Classes – Master

Total Air Supply’s Winter 2024 Training Seminar Schedule

How to Open A Daikin City Account

How to Find R-32 Online Certification Video

How to Find R-32 Online Certification Video

How to Find R-32 Online Certification Video