Manufacturers’ Updates

We will be posting manufacturers’ updates here. Please check back frequently.

Nordyne Compressor test explained and demonstrated

6-23-08 Nordyne–Change to Vertical Venting With the G7 Furnace

6-19-08 Goodman–Leaking Service Valves on Split System Condensers & Heatpumps

6-17-08 Nordyne–C6 Evaporator Coils Line Stub “O”Ring

Nordyne–Proper installation of split A/C & HP units with ball valves_5-16-08

New Venting Tables GCV91155DX_4-29-08

New Venting Tables AMH950704CX_4-29-08

New Venting Tables GCH90704CX_4-29-08

New Venting Tables GMH950704CX_4-29-08

New Venting Tables GKS90704CX_4-29-08

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